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Adding Soft Skills To Your Resume

Writing soft skills into your resume is one way of communicating fit to a potential employer. The new standard is candidates sharing their soft skills in support of their resume through video!

Mehrabian’s Communication Theory

Landing your dream job requires successfully communicating your value and fit. In other words, your messaging should inspire 100% positive feelings and attitudes from your prospective employers. Using asynchronous video can get you there!


Having the temerity to set healthy boundaries with recruiters and employers is easy when you know you’ve got the goods and deliver them with excellence. Using video to support your resume, networking, and job search is critical.

Mount Your Defense

When you use a video interview to support your resume, networking, and job search your messaging can help recruiters get to know you better faster, but you also give them the language they may need to defend you as the choice for the job.

Go Private With Pointe Profile®

Most folks assume that using video in their job search means posting it in a public place for public consumption. Why broadcast your best talent proposition where your competition can copy your words, approach, or strategy?

Playing Career Jeopardy

The pandemic has forced everyone to communicate their value remotely. No one truly knows about your accomplishments but you. To advance your career, you’ll need to change that!

The Great Resignation

The pandemic has forced everyone to communicate their value remotely. No one truly knows about your accomplishments but you. To advance your career, you’ll need to change that!

Strangeritis Maxitosis

I think many video conference interviews suffer from what I call “Strangeritis Maxitosis”. In other words, the most potent factor negatively affecting most strangers’ interactions is – wait for it… THE FACT THAT THEY’RE STRANGERS!

When Standing Out Leads to Standing Down

Standing out should never make folks avoid you or publicly call you out for your tactics. Networking is the key to getting the job you want, and you can do it better than ever – without being obnoxious or unprofessional!

Candidates: Why You Should Use Pointe Profile® in 487 Words

As the candidate, there are benefits for creating your Pointe Profile® with a video interview.

Hiring managers get the candidate’s resume with a complete screening interview before you ever pick up the phone to schedule one!

Top 10 Tips for Video Interviewees

Video interviewing is no different than a face-to-face interview. But, if you’re new to video interviewing there are a few tips that can help you prepare so you feel confident and ready to get that dream job!

Mastermind Your Digital Narrative

Controlling your digital narrative and setting healthy online boundaries are your ticket to boundless success!

Is Social Media Killing Your Personal Brand and Career?

We should take into consideration what we put out there for the world to see and how it could affect our professional careers.

The Pink Slip Survival Guide: 5 Things You Can Do You the Day You Get Your Pink Slip.

Getting a termination, R.I.F., or Pink Slip notice is no picnic, but it doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks. Don’t get discouraged.

Good Habits: Keeping Track of Your Own Accomplishments Should be Ongoing

Documenting your own accomplishments on an ongoing basis should become a regular part of your professional behavior and demeanor. Keep up the great work and keep it on record!

They Think You’re Awesome! Why Video Testimonials Are Jaw-Dropping Inspiring.

You can tell a recruiter or hiring manager how great you are, but people really believe what other people say about you, which is why video referrals are so important. There is power in getting it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Never Say the Words “Video Resume” Again

While video-producing advice for candidates is everywhere on the net, there are no formal requirements or standards candidates can follow to make “video resumes” palatable, receivable, and usable by recruiters efficiently. Until now…

Tools to Build Mind-Blowing Multimedia in Your Pointe Profile®

Video is fast becoming the norm for digesting information. It’s fast, easy to consume, and capable of telling big stories in a short amount of time which makes it perfect for supplementing a regular old resume.

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