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Sometimes employers may post phantom jobs for free on their own website, which then get picked up by sites like Indeed around the world. The jobs are not real, and the employers are just “fishing” for candidates. If they find someone great, they’ll consider creating a position for them. This is just one way recruiters and managers have treated job seekers as disposable for decades with little concern for possible consequences.

For now, at least, the scale is tilting the other way. A self-service video interview is a perfect response to this practice because you include a link to it in your resume. Since the recruiter has access to an excellent screening interview, you don’t have to waste time waiting to hear back about a job that may not exist. If the job is legit, an excellent recruiter will appreciate your effort!  A crappy recruiter will ignore your interview and proceed to waste your time. If there’s a fit you’ll know by what they say if and when they contact you.

Getting a great offer for the right job depends on how well you present yourself and the boundaries you set for engaging. Use networking to hear about the best opportunities. Support your resume, networking, and job search with video. Set the bar high for recruiters doing due diligence before they try to engage with you. If you’re not including a link to a job-specific interview, now is an ideal time to start!




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