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Connexion Pointe® Recruiting Partners

Positive Options is your source for success with people issues in business. Founded in 1985 by Kenneth H. Kasner Ph.D. and Sally Ann Kasner, B.S., RN, we have the experience and the tools you need to improve hiring and job fit, plan for and initiate changes or develop stronger leadership.

  • Positive Options provides assessment, consulting, and coaching services to sort out these issues and improve performance.
  • Our purpose is helping executives put the right people on the job, grow leaders, build teams, and manage change to increase productivity and profitability.
  • We help individuals get back on track, experience career success, reduce stress, improve relationships, and increase happiness. Successful individuals produce successful organizations.

Ken received his doctorate in Psychology from Washington State University in 1975. Dr. Kasner is licensed to practice psychology in the State of Arizona and is president of Positive Options, Inc. Formerly the Director of Management and Organization Development for Samaritan Health Service, (the largest healthcare provider in the state) Ken has also served on the board of the Arizona Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants and the board of the Valley of the Sun Human Resource Association as well as being Past President of that organization.

Sally has been the Director of Education at John C. Lincoln Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona. Before that, she was a trainer and consultant with Samaritan Health Services where she developed management and personal growth and development workshops. Sally works with a variety of businesses, providing consultation, workshops and seminars to professional and business clients. She specializes in program design and implementation strategies, providing ongoing support to clients.

Ken and Sally Kasner serve on the advisory board of Connexion Pointe®. Their expertise was critical in throughout the development of our platform, and their continued consultation remains integral as we pursue our organizational objectives.

A premier boutique search firm, Earley Sourcing has been in the executive search business for more than 15 years firm providing recruitment solutions to clients in the technology, financial services, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, and new media industries.

Earley Sourcing is always on the lookout for the best opportunities for our candidates. Pointe Profile® presents a unique opportunity for you to stand out while clearly defining your desired career path. Let us know your priorities and we’ll work together to make your next career move the right one! We’ve learned from past experiences that it takes time and thoughtful reflection and analysis to determine what step is best for your next career decision.

Below are some of our past clients at Earley Sourcing.

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