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Managing your personal brand online can be a considerable challenge. I recently read some advice that suggested using your social media posts to tell people about you and demonstrate your expertise. It suggested creating a “routine of posting content that works for you to manage your brand.” I don’t know about you, but that just seems like an invitation to spend an endless amount of time creating and eventually managing a massive collection of posts about yourself and interacting with strangers.

For starters, Where should you post? LinkedIn? Twitter? Facebook? TikTok? All four? Are there other networks you should join for this purpose? With everything going on in your life, you may be stretched to the max and not planning on becoming a vlogger or blogger! Not to mention wading into the cesspool of social media dealing with some folks’ commenting through non-existent, underdeveloped filters or even hijacking your topic by saying who knows what! Do you report them? Delete or block them and just keep it moving? How often do you return to your 3-or-4-year-old posts to ensure that everything in the comments is compatible with your current brand and messaging? How many of those posts do you think a recruiter will read if they’re only taking 6 seconds on your resume?
My point is that over time, managing your body of posts could be more work than it’s worth.

There’s also the reality of putting all of your best info on a data-mining-social-media-platform that’s literally watching every single move you make, every word you write, and selling it to who knows who.

The truth is that you don’t need to become a social media addict, blogger, or vlogger to use video in your self-promotion. A few well-placed networking videos will do the trick and yield better results.

Are you looking for a job? Create a 1-2 minute video introducing yourself and explaining the work you’re interested in. Text it to some folks on your network and let them know you’re always up for exploring and discussing opportunities. You also demonstrate how easy it is for them to share your content with others by texting. Remember, these videos are for networking! They’re not resumes or job applications, so don’t limit yourself to one area of interest.

Is there a recent achievement you believe increases your value? Create a 1-2 minute video describing the accomplishment and why it’s significant. Texting it with folks on your network gets everyone up to speed and empowers them to pass the video on to potential opportunities.

The bottom line: A minimal amount of effort with video and the right information can improve your networking by 1000% without taking over your life!

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Control your career in 2022. Don’t let your career control you!




In 2023 Control Your Career. Don't Let Your Career Control You!

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