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Fist bumps, elbow bumps, high fives, digital handshakes…Wait a minute. WTF is a digital handshake? Isn’t that what telephone modems used to do when everyone used their phones to get online?

Yes, but the definition has changed since then. A digital handshake is how you introduce yourself online. Your digital handshake should feel firm, genuine, and cordial in the professional realm. Most of all, it should offer a positive insight into the relationship to come. With Social Distancing at the forefront of life and business, your handshake looks a lot less like a handshake and more like this: 

Businesses are scrambling to stay open and heavily using video interviews to screen candidates. Everyone is staying home a lot more, and there’s an increasing chorus of “build your brand with video,” “create video content,” and “leverage video and social media” to advance your career. That’s excellent advice if you’ve already been doing these things – not so much if you haven’t.

Some relevant questions:

  • What kind of video content are they referring to?
  • How and where should I start?
  • Where do I post or share this content, or do I post it at all?

I have news for you. These questions are relevant, but they lack essential nuances and don’t apply to most people. Here’s some stuff you should know.

  1. Video doesn’t have to be “posted or shared” for public consumption, comments, likes, or shares to be effective. In fact, I recommend against it.
  2. There are three kinds of videos EVERY candidate should be creating to support their resume, networking, and job search: Interview, References, Insight. There should be a link to these videos in EVERY resume you submit. You should only share networking videos directly with contacts after an initial call, email, or conversation.
  3. Creating all these videos is simple and using them is much easier than you think. 




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