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Connexion Pointe® is video interviewing for the world and YOU. We empower companies and candidates all over the world to make excellent connections at first contact.

For you, as the candidate, there are benefits for creating your Pointe Profile® with a video interview.

You are in control. By creating your Pointe Profile® interview, you get to select the competencies you want to showcase with powerful behavioral-based questions to help you present your experience. This means you can customize the interview, so it is most relevant to the position you seek.

Since you are in control of the interview, you get to decide the time and to record it, so you don’t have to disrupt your life. It’s convenient because you get to choose the best time for you. That means no traffic, no getting lost, and no late arrival. Most of all, a Pointe Profile® interview offers an opportunity to avoid those awkward in-person interviews in which you and the recruiter spent time, money and effort to arrange your meeting only to discover there’s no possible way you would fit.

You can create an environment where you feel comfortable. Recording your own interview allows you the opportunity to set the stage, whether, in the comfort of your own home or elsewhere, you have control over where your interview will take place.

You can present yourself in the best light you see fit for YOU by presenting the information you think is going to make the most impact. Your Pointe Profile® is a powerful multi-media portfolio that gives you the opportunity to present yourself to a potential employer using your choice of media. Create a video of your best creative work. Show yourself working with a team on a project or display your designs and ideas using video. Demonstrate your presentation skills and communicate the impression you’d like to leave with them. Even if your work has nothing to do with creativity or presentation, you can make a fantastic first impression simply by having your video interview ready to go! You are not just a resume, and Pointe Profile® is the tool to help you demonstrate that to the world and set yourself apart from any other candidate.

Hiring Managers and recruiters are busy. With online applications and more people joining the talent pool, they have a lot to do. You can help them maximize their time by doing most of the heavy lifting your own way. With Pointe Profile® you eliminate the time required for scheduling, travel, and waiting while staying in control of the information that represents you at your best!

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In 2023 Control Your Career. Don't Let Your Career Control You!

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