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Subscription pricing to fit your budget.

 Pointe Savant® Subscription Account Features

All Pointe Savant® accounts have the best of everything we offer. Our innovative pricing solution encourages recruiters to save by sharing the screening workload with candidates.

  • Interview Builder – Create and deploy asynchronous video interviews for virtually any position. Screen professionals and students, stay interviews, exit interviews and more
  • Pointe AskMe™ – Follow-up questions to candidates with response deadlines
  • Evaluation Tools – Compare, evaluate, rate candidates
  • Automated Candidate Notification – Acknowledge every candidate submission and keep them in the loop
  • Connexion Pointe® University – Learn how to build excellent interviews and what kind of responses to look for
  • Bring Your Own Interview™ – Let candidates screen themselves and get a LOT more screening information for no additional charge
  • Purge Previously Rejected Candidates – No more wasted time re-screening candidates that were found to be completely unsuitable
  • Searchable Candidate Database – Increases in value over time
  • Export Records – easily export PDF documents of screening events with complete screening details for each candidate
  • Pause Account – Pay only when you Screen. Your account is ready when you are
  • Many more features!

 And many more features!

Affordable Pricing for Small, Medium and Enterprise Businesses.

Whether you’re a start-up or a multi-national conglomerate, a Pointe Savant® subscription can fit into your budget and supercharge your screening. Just choose how many positions you want to screen simultaneously.

Cost Effective Pricing for Medium to Enterprise Businesses.

Whether you’re a local manufacturer or a global powerhouse Pointe Savant® can elegantly help you meet your screening demands.

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