Pointe Savant® PreView Upgrades

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Upgrade Your Screening Capability.

Thank you for taking Savant PreView™ for a spin. Now that you’ve had a good look at the kind of quality and convenience Connexion Pointe®  products have to offer, it’s time to commit to better, faster screening at a significantly lower price. Pointe Savant®  pricing encourages recruiters to share the screening workload with candidates without sacrificing quality, and choosing a subscription level is easy! Just decide how many interviews you need to run concurrently and what fits your budget and remember, you can even pause your subscription up to twice a year to control costs. All Pointe Savant® users have access to our full feature list below.

Pointe Savant® for Small Business

Choose a subscription level.


Powerful screening for 1 position. Supports 2 users


Screen up to 6 positions concurrently. Up to 3 users.


Screen up to 20 positions concurrently. Up to 10 users.

Medium to Enterprise Solutions

Choose a subscription level.


Screen up to 35 positions concurrently. Up to 10 users.


Screen up to 50 positions concurrently Up to 25 users


Screen up to 100 positions concurrently. Supports 25 users.


Screen for up to 200 positions concurrently. Supports 25 users.

Not sure which one to choose?

All of our Pointe Savant® subscriptions feature:

  • Interview Builder – Create and deploy asynchronous video interviews for virtually any position. Screen professionals and students, stay interviews, exit interviews and more.
  • Pointe AskMe™ – Follow-up questions to candidates with response deadlines.
  • Evaluation Tools – Compare, evaluate, rate candidates.
  • Automated Candidate Notification – Acknowledge every candidate submission and keep them in the loop.
  • Connexion Pointe® University – Learn how to build excellent interviews and what kind of responses to look for.
  • Accept Pointe Profile® Interviews – Let candidates screen themselves and get a LOT more screening information for no additional charge.
  • Purge Previously Rejected Candidates – No more wasted time re-screening candidates that were found to be completely unsuitable.
  • Searchable Candidate Database – Increases in value over time.
  • Export Records – easily export PDF documents of screening events with complete screening details for each candidate.
  • Easy to Use Interface – Easy to understand screening workflow.
  • Many more features!

Pointe Savant® PreView Upgrades

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