Screening Just Got An Upgrade.

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Rock Stars Network to Get Work.

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As a recruiter, you want to know as much as possible about candidates before engaging. At Connexion Pointe®, candidates create excellent video interviews and more to support their resume and cover letter. Recruiters can check out the interview, ask follow-up questions and make decisions fast.

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Expect Full Contact At First Contact

Many Rock Star candidates aren’t bothering with applicant tracking systems or waiting for callbacks because they’re busy networking themselves into what’s next. With most organizations awarding up to 50% of positions through networking, those Rock Stars are most likely fielding multiple offers and being treated well by your competition. At Connexion Pointe®, the best candidates are getting right down to business using video to showcase their talents and answering common questions in advance. Enhance your candidate experience with a solid alternative for networking outside of your ATS!

Connexion Pointe® is a Cloud-based software-as-a-service platform that uses virtual characters to simulate face-to-face interviews. The platform has 2 coordinated applications, called Pointe Profile® and Pointe Savant®. Pointe Profile® facilitates candidates interviewing themselves and presenting relevant screening information in video format. Pointe Savant® has tools for managing online screening events, candidate evaluation, asking follow-up questions, and unsolicited submissions by Pointe Profile® users.

A single link connects recruiters with the power of video and 8 elements of commonly sought-after screening information.

Connexion Pointe® is a powerhouse for networking recruiters saving time and money!

This is where all your candidates will be listed by name. Selecting the candidates name populates the rest of the information.
Every relationship starts with an exchange of basic info. Name, address, phone number, email address, LinkedIn address, social media contact, position sought, and a photo to get things rolling.
The resume has well documented flaws. Nonetheless, it remains the primary tool to share screening information. The candidate’s resume can be viewed, downloaded and printed from this tab.
The candidate’s interview is presented here on the Interview tab. With our Profile Interview Builder™, candidates can use our guided question database to build a job specific behavioral interview or build a completely custom interview. The other lists here are video playlists where the candidate can present 1 to 2-minute video presentations to support their resume and interview.
Bi-lingual candidates can elect to present their interview in two languages. The language to view is selected here. Currently Connexion Pointe® supports and American English and Mexican Spanish. More languages are coming!

Pointe AskMe® is our solution for asking follow-up questions without resorting to email. Here, a candidate can make previously asked questions available to save you time.

If you find your questions were not previously answered by the candidate, you can use the Pointe AskMe® system to ask them. Just type your question, choose a response date and time, click “Send” and you’re done!

When the candidate responds to your question, you’ll receive a notification here. If the candidate misses the response deadline, the system will not accept the late response and will notify you that the deadline was missed.
If you need any help, just click the “Help” tab to access the online help guide. When you’re ready to step up to quality video-screening with Pointe Savant® click the “Upgrade” tab.