Pointe Savant® Standard

$299.00$2,988.00 / month

Supports up to 20 concurrent screening events and 10 users.

Interview fees not included.

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Pointe Savant® is our solution for recruiters looking to add asynchronous online video interviewing to their screening strategies*. Build and deploy high quality, behavioral-based or totally custom interviews faster than ever before. Organize traditional job fairs at your own facility and thoroughly screen all of your candidates the same day. Harness the power of video and social media in a single click. Track your most important screening metrics at a glance. Screen globally at a local price, record copius notes on candidates and keep meticulous records. With Savant™, you could reveal your next superstar candidate at first contact!

*Supports up to 20 concurrent screening events and 10 users.

**Interview fees not included.

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